Life is full of adventure and wonderful experiences and our goal is to assist you to achieve your dreams and understand your journey better.

We assure our participants to get the most out of the workshops and be honed in the area of planning and public speaking, we believe these will boost their confidence and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.

Trained youth from the following countries:

United Arab Emirates

United States of America

Republic of the Philippines



Summer Programs are created to engage young people to boost their confidence, increase their productivity, and invest their free time. This is a holistic program that involves spiritual, cultural, moral and educational aspects in one big event.

The idea of this summer camp is unique. The participants will pick the area of their interest and will be trained on it everyday to achieve their goals. The program is designed according- ly by Emirati trainers who had been organizing these kind of activities for years now. Certainly, the program is of high quality standard.