Building the culture of change in the youth to make the best of youth

A glimpse of SMT

Simple than Brilliant

In the family of SMT you find motivation ,Development and and enablement of youth in a way that pushes them to break any limit , overcome any obstacle and become the best version of them selves. We do that through our extraordinary workshops for youth thats sometimes educational and other times its adventurous locally and globally wich we are proud to have in our institute reach that.

In the family of SMT we believe that education is meant to be fun and motivational and in our institute we always make sure give the youth the experience of an inspiring , challenging and influential with our international coach and ceo saif alfalasi who always motivate the youth to reach their goals both vocational and personal goals.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is Create a creative generation of and enabling them for a bright future

Our Message

We are committed to enabling youth by developing many beneficial initiatives to grow youths into becoming influential arab coaches who contribute with us to building a sustainable future for the youth

Our Values

Our Speciality

Organizing Events:

Organizing a variety of events, including development courses, global adventures and trips, aimed at promoting the values ​​of cooperation, developing professional skills and guiding young people towards building a bright future.

Projects and Initiatives:

Developing strategic projects and initiatives designed to empower young people and encourage them to participate effectively in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Our Partners

Our institute collaborates with many different associations that are eager to enable youth in both governmental and private sectors locally and globally Initiatives partners


Saif Mohammed Al Falasi

Executive Director of the Institute, a certified international trainer

At our institute, we believe that education should be fun and stimulating, and here young people can find a safe place to learn, be challenged and inspired. They can continually build their future with Coach Saif Mohammed Al Falasi, who always seeks to motivate them to achieve their professional and personal goals.